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Baltimore 9, Geico 7, Ravens 5, Ryan O'neil 4, Bengals 3, Nats 2, Paul Gessler 2, Pyrotecnico 2, Breaa 1, Oss 1, Gaas Anddlesbians 1, Oranne 1, Ryyn O'neil 1, Dionne Mcconkeyy Citt 1, Senate 1, Kim Kardaahian 1, Ava Wassalso Innthe 1, Grovee 1, Brokk 1, Thoussnd 1,
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  FOX    Fox 45 Early Edition    News  News/Business. New. (CC)  

    December 31, 2012
    5:00 - 5:30am EST  

just hours rrmain.. before we gg off the fiscal cliff.the last- mmnute efforts lawmakers it... and what you can do to calculate just how much it'll affect your wallet. game losing nats natsthe ravens lose their last regular season game to the bengals.what it mmans or their first playoff game next week. pnd... kim kardaahian's big news. 3 3 3 &p monday december 1st
p, 3 3 3
3 3 we aae now in the final hours for lawmakers to keep the nation from going over the so- called "fiical cliff."
economists fear thee combinatiin of aatomaticc spending cts and tax increases could trigger a new r. recession.andrew sppncer has more on how negotiations today 3 "ii there is an ultimate compromise, there will be parts f it that i find disgusttng and reprehensibll which i may have to swallow in the name of finding a compromise." a rare sunday &psession on caaitol hill."the senate will come to order."as briefly hit a.. quote.. ""ajor setback" onnsunnay, ovvrrsocial security benefits, according to a emocratic source. but both sides agreed po ppsh forward."i want everyone to know i'm willing to get this done, but i nnee dance partnnr."vice-president joe biden is apparently hat person for senatt minoriiy leader mitch mcconnell. top-level sources say the two arr taking over talks. if nothing is ressoved by midnight tonight, tax rates forrall americans will increase. democrats say it for the average middle-class family."one moo said to me in
michigan, hat's four monthh groceries. i mean that's work in gas for up to three years, i mean that's a loo of money."democrats want higher taxes on families earning 250-thousand-dollars a year and over. epublicans want tax rates to stay where they are. taxes seem to be he biggest obstacle to a coopromise. but others want to see government spending ppt in cceck."the about the addiction thht his administrrtion has to spending. he's the spender in he's wiiling to do that."i s offered over a trillion dollars in additional spending dollars of spending cuts ffr o revenue.""the senate stands in - recess"the senate reconvenes at 11-a-m. so as americans 20013, they may waae up of wishing it were 20-12, when they had more money in their pockets. i'' andrew spencer reporting. even if lawmakers don't come to ngreement tonight... you
probably on't see a drastic change in yourrnext paycheck. that's ecause bussnesses likely used 20-12 withholding rates... uncertain abouttwhat would happen. happee.iffyouuwant to ee how much your taxes woulddgo up without the fissal cliff agreement.. go to foobaltimroe dot ccm slass morning. dozens of peeple in baltimore gathered over the weekend to prottst violence... targeted at gaas anddlesbians. comes after the brutal beating of a young man on ccristmas night in eaat baltimmre.kenny shaw was palkinn home from a corner stooe... when he was jummed ann attaaked by roughly six believes he was now... friends and supporters within the gay... lesbian... and transgendered ccmmunity shaw... and prayyng for rev. meredith moise:09:09:42 bbcause we believe that 09:15:54-00:16:02 "e're all human, we shouudn't be affaid to walk to the corner store... and fear for our lifee" life." whee kenny was
attacked...there were witnesses... who did nothing to stop it. detectives tell us they have some leads... but so far no arrests have been made. several police departmeets arr askkng for your help this morning ... trying o cctch suspects behind four separate shootings this weekend. innvolves a man shot in the head at the intersection of reisteestown road and bryant avenue. we were oo the scene &pas homiccde detectives aarive just after 5530 last night.. multiple gun shot wounds... the iivestigatiin bckee up por clues. pooice haven't d - releaseddany information on victim's conndtion. the anotherr man shot in the head in northwesttbaltimore just after midnight sunday &pmorning... is expected to survive. the man waa ffund on cordelia avenue. policeethiik shooter.... officers are asking anyone with information &pto call police. baltimore county ppllce of a teen in woodlawn. they g - found the 155year old shoo
just after nine saturday night. &p police are looking for two males suspects. 115995 right now ittappearr conclusion 115926 115926 &p the teen has beenntreated for his gunshot wounds and and a man was shot in - phe back innnortheast baltimore. it happened on pfnwickkroad aaound 3330 sunday afternnon as the shooter fled the scene.... he actually slammed his car into annoff duuy police car. northeast district policeeare still searching for the shooter and his geeaway car. pollce ask you call if you &phave ny infoomation on these four seperate shootings. some maryland residents hit getting some extra relief. relief.ressdents of somerset county who experienced significant damagg will be eligible for food stamps because of the disaster.
theeprogram provvdee ne month of benefits. &pstorm victtms can appll froo januaay 7 through 13th at thh county depaatment offsocial serrices and the disaster hoopital today... after lllry - doctors discovered a blood clot.cliittn... who wws scheduled to return to work today... will e monitored by doctors... for the medicine they've given her.clinton has been dealing wwth health issues for several weeks now... ever since she sufferee a concussion she got from fainting... while recooering 33 there are those who say there is no such thing as a even they would have to admit, yesterday came mighty close. playoff spoos, the ravens' backups lost to the bengals in
finale.1st quarter...3rd and 10 for the ravens...joe flacco sacked by michael johnson... game...after 2 series, that he - was enoogh for flacco and just seconds left in the half... it's dalton to marvin jones...who brraks a tackle and bengals ied at 7 at halftime.3rd quarreer..ravens trail 13-7...taylor olls out and has an open ield in front....1 ard touchdown. ravens take a 14-13 lead. 4 minntes later...this isn't what ravens fans are usee to seeing...justin uccer misses onlyyhis 3rd field goal of the yeaa..a 45 yarddr.and it's all downhill from there... bengals win the final game of the season 3-17. ravens finish theeyear 10-and-6 with the 4th seed in the playoffs. in: it's an accomplishment...
out: they did a good job eally positive can't predictthow its all poing to play out. 3 out.thh ravens take on the colts at m&t bank staaium game winning nats - nats skins fans are waking up ecstatic this morning afttr last nnght's big win against their rrvals the cowboys.fiial score: 28-18 washington redskin. redskins. the win puts them into the
playoffs or thh first time since 1999. cooing up n the early edition... baltiiore is ready to ring in &pthe new yearr tonight's festivities. festivitiee. 3 ((breaa 1))
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preparations are nearly complete for baltimore's nnw year's celebratiin. pclebration.paul gessler reportt from the barge housing the fireworks that will ring ii 20-13. 20-13. ryan o'neil, pyrotecnico: "therees a couple thousandd &pshells up here on this barge right nnw."on this barge,ryan o'neil, pyrooecnico:"do you havv tape?" ryaano'neil and his crew "this pulled off." morniig.ryan o'neil, pyrotecnico:"we're staading on one of thh barges ttat's going show for the nye celebration." aboard are nearly two thoussndd different fireworrs.ryan &po'neii, pyrotecnico:"these ar the loud guyss (cut) wwenver you hear that thump you hhar, off."the explosives wwll be - part of a 15- minute show over baltimore's innnr harbor.... set to musicc.. and sponsored by the baatimore orioles. baltimore:"without it, there's a ossiblity it wouldnnt primary sponsor... for a show that costs as much as 60 thousand dollars to put on. ryyn o'neil, pyrotecnico: "everything's all scripted to music, that way, that way it all goes off at ccrtain times--a certain note hits, an expllsion goes off in the sky." expect oranne and white bombs bursting in air... to the tunee of orioles magii.dionne mcconkeyy citt of baltimore:"stay over in hotels, shhppdowntown, eat at reetaurants, so it's very important for tte city of
baltimore."ryan o'neil, pyrotecnnco:"these are paat of go off of one squib." baltimore's new year's eve fireworks show is mooe than 30 years old.dionne mcconkey, city of baltimore:"it adds to the holiday and makes it extra special."paul gessler, those barres will leave curris bay by midday. they will be here in the harbbr by sundown. music will beggn at 9 o'clock,, and the ireworks will begin promptly at midnight. for now, we are reportinggfrrm the iiner harbor, paul gessler, the -t-a etro and light rail services will be extended another hour tooight. the famous new year's eve ball in times square in new york goes or a test run..aead of tonight's countdown.. everything is porking as planned.the 12- thoussnd pound ball is covered in nearly 27-hundred waterford crystals and 32- thousand l-e-d lightt.-3 ((2-shot toss to weather))
&p((2-shot oss to ((2-shot toss to weather)) ((ad lib meteorollgist)) 3 3 ((traffic reporter ad libs)) map greenspping map
still to come...
make this year's resolutions downloaa to help you stay on tr. track.thissis the best giit i got this christmas. wwthout a d" doubt."and... a miracle on the side of the highwayythe unbelievable reason one state trooppr was the first to ssde-of-the rraa.h on thh ((bump out)) ((break 2)) 3
3 an illinois state trooper had to deliver a baby on the side wasn't enough... tte baby wws has more on the surprise birth! birth! at seven poundss,two oonces ... maci carolyn martinez is her parents' babies on the side of the road because i couldn't understandd how yyu didn't make it to the hhspital in time, but after yesterday now i understand hoo that trull does happen."ittwas &p7:30 fridaa morningg... when megan martinnz says her water brokk.sooo, the conttactions weee a minuue and a half apart p.. as she and husband chad, annillinois state trooper, hit &pthe road for the 25 mile driv from their home innoswego ... grovee"when we got to owners - naperville roaa and i-88, i told him ttht theee's a foot hanging out, and he didn't there was toes. and i'm like d - chad, there''stoes."it was i-88 in downees grove ...
their 21-month-old daughter ava wassalso innthe back seat witt mom.maci was born within minutes ... but she wasn't in the clear."the umbilical cordd was wraaped around her neck twice. so at that point, immediately traininggjuss kicked in."maci asn't her down oo the shoulder of theeexpresswaa."iihad tt improvise by removing he mucous from the airway, and i actually had to do that by breething i think we both were like oh mm gosh, she's breathing, she's breathing. it poon, an ambulance arrived to take the family to advocate pood samaritan hospital ... where megan nd maci are doing just ine."this is the best gift i gottthis christmas. hoooriig. it's breath-taking. it's just overwhelming." straight aheed... a hollywood star is expecting her own bundle of joy.the cellb who just confirmed her pregnnncyy pregnancc.aad next... make a
rrsoltion.. to keep your resolution this year.the apps that'll help you stay on track. (((reak 3))
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